August 3, 2021

7 Questions to Ask Meth Companies

Ask these 7 questions before you hire a meth remediation company.

7 Questions to Ask Meth Companies
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Meth Testing and Cleanup Done Right? Ask These 7 Questions Before You Hire a Meth Remediation Company

Meth testing, remediation and cleanup is serious business. Contaminated homes and buildings pose a dangerous health hazard for anyone entering, even years after the incident.

You can’t afford to trust meth testing and cleanup to just anyone. If done improperly, the effects of meth contamination will continue to  threaten the health of people who are innocently exposed to a problem that wasn’t properly mitigated up front.

Who Do You Trust?

So, how do you know if you are dealing with a reputable meth remediation company? By all means, check references and reviews. But more importantly, before you make a final decision, ask these seven key questions. A solid ‘yes’ answer to each question will help identify a company with the credentials, knowledge and experience to make sure your cleanup is done right.

The 7 Key Questions

1. Do you perform multiple initial assessment tests to pinpoint areas of greatest exposure?

RainFire’s answer - Yes! The first step of decontamination is to determine the levels of contamination and the areas of the home that are affected by contamination. Our state certified decontamination specialist will take an initial single sample or multiple composite samples which will be analyzed in a lab for contamination levels.

2. Do you both remove and clean meth from the site as needed?

RainFire’s Answer: Yes. We use several different steps to remediate meth. The first is gross removal, meaning that items may be properly removed and discarded. The second step is to preclean/ deep clean the property with combined surfactant and peroxides. This process helps to actually bubble out contaminants from some of the contaminated sources. The process continues with other cleaning techniques until we obtain a clearance test result.

3. Do you perform a certified test after completion to ensure remediation was effectively accomplished?

Rainfire's Answer: Yes! Following remediation treatments, we perform certified testing to ensure your home is within the state decontamination standards. A full report is provided, showing testing results.

4. Do you guarantee your work?

Rainfire's Answer: Yes! We will stay on the job and continue remediation until the follow-up certified tests are clear, at no additional cost.*

5. Is your company licensed, bonded and insured?

a) Yes! Must be yes to all three.
RainFire's answer: RainFire is a licensed restoration company. We are also bonded and insured to ensure your peace of mind for any work we do on your properties.

6. Is your company approved and included on the State of Utah certified meth remediation contractor list?

RainFire's answer: Yes! RainFire is registered with the state of Utah as a certified meth remediation provider. Only companies registered and certified with the State of Utah are approved to provide meth remediation services.

7. Do you provide a report that details what has been cleaned and decontaminated, including items that have been replaced?

Yes! RainFire Restoration delivers a report in writing following the decontamination process. It includes descriptions of:

The property: address, owner, buildings present.
Manufacturing method and any chemicals present.
Contamination, including photo documentation.
Sampling methods and results (before and after).
Decontamination process.
Safety procedures implemented.
Where and how contaminated objects were disposed of.
Where and how waste water was disposed of.
Certifications/qualifications of involved persons.
Signature of supervisor.

If the company you are interviewing answers ‘no’ to any of these questions, or is vague in their responses, you would be well advised to keep looking.

Hire The Best

Make sure your meth testing and remediation is done right by experienced professionals. Your health and the value of your property depend on it.

RainFire Restoration RF Method™ Meth Testing and Mitigation

RainFire Restoration is a solid seven ‘Yes’ company with years of experience in the restoration business. We use only the finest materials in our meth remediation projects, and guarantee our work by following a proven method for delivering the best results. Contact us today for a free quote.

*Provided the property is locked out and not recontaminated during the remediation process.