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Property Restoration and Reconstruction in Tooele County

When it comes to property damage, restoration and reconstruction can be a complicated process. If your property has been damaged due to fire, water, or other unforeseen circumstances in Tooele County, you need to know the steps that you should take to ensure a safe and successful recovery. Let’s get started by discussing the basics of restoration and reconstruction.

Restoration vs Reconstruction

It is important to note that restoration and reconstruction are two different processes. Restoration involves repairing any existing damage while taking into account the age of the property. This includes repairing walls, floors, ceilings, windows, etc., while making sure that all the materials used are appropriate for the age of the structure.  Reconstruction involves rebuilding or replacing parts of a structure that have been too severely damaged to restore. This could include anything from replacing an entire roof or installing new supports for a wall, depending on how extensive the damage is.

Insurance Coverage

When dealing with any kind of property damage in Tooele County, it is essential to make sure that you have insurance coverage before beginning any restoration or reconstruction project. Insurance companies will typically cover both restoration and reconstruction costs if they deem them necessary for your property’s safety and security following an incident like a fire or flood. It is important to check with your insurance provider before starting on any repair work so that you don’t end up paying out of pocket for something that could have been covered under your policy. RainFire Restoration has an Insurance Claim service, where we will help you navigate submitting an insurance claim in Tooele County.

Hiring Contractors

Once you have determined what kind of work needs to be done on your property (restoration vs reconstruction), you will need to hire contractors who specialize in this type of work in Tooele County. There are many reputable contractors who can provide quality services at reasonable prices, but it is important to do some research before selecting one for your project. Make sure to check references from previous clients as well as their license information with the state licensing board before signing any contracts for work on your property.  

Restoring or reconstructing damaged property can be a complex process, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming if you take the right steps from start to finish. Make sure you understand which process applies—restoration or reconstruction—and check with your insurance company about coverage before beginning repairs or replacement work on your Tooele County property. Finally, hire experienced contractors, like the ones at RainFire Restoration who have positive references from past customers, are licensed by the state, and IICRC certified for work on your home or business premises. When you have damaged property in Tooele County, contact RainFire Restoration so you can rest assured knowing that your restoration and/or reconstruction project will go smoothly with minimal stress involved!

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