July 29, 2020

Best of 2020: Salt Lake City Carpet Cleaning

Is it time for Salt Lake City carpet cleaning?

 Best of 2020: Salt Lake City Carpet Cleaning
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Is there anything more relaxing than watching the kids playing on a beautiful living room carpet? Throw in a four-legged family member, and now the picture’s perfect: but not if your carpets are stained, old, and smelling of dog. Is it time for Salt Lake City carpet cleaning?

What You Can Get From Salt Lake City Carpet Cleaning

Brand New Carpets

When you first had your carpets installed, they had that amazing new smell and feel. They were light, fresh, and the fabric felt “open” somehow. Over the years as people step on it repeatedly, though, the carpet settles. The fibers are compacted, and it feels less soft and airy. Worst of all, trapped dirt and odors linger.

While vacuuming faithfully will help to delay this, you will eventually need professional cleaning. At RainFire, we can revive those fibers, remove years of dirt, and give you back that new carpet feel.

Fresh Scents

Whether it’s just you, a home full of kids, or the added joy of dogs and cats, your carpet will eventually accumulate odors. If you’re not sure whether your carpet is there yet, pay attention to how the room smells when you come into it after being away for a few days. That’s the smell your guests always notice!

Getting rid of lingering odors is hard when you can’t throw a textile into a washer and dryer, but professional cleaners can banish those smells.

Freedom From Stains

A dark carpet can make a room look small and claustrophobic, so many of us opt for lighter colors. That’s wonderful for the overall aesthetic, but it’s murder when it comes to stains.

It’s almost like a light-colored rug actually attracts the stains! If your kids are going to drip ketchup, it will be in the living room. If you’re going to spill your wine, it’s going to be on the carpet. At RainFire, we can get rid of those stains and restore the beautiful look.

Are you ready for fresh, new carpets that smell and look as good as the day you moved in? Call us at RainFire Restoration today and let us help you restore your future.