June 1, 2021

Meth Testing and Meth Cleanup: DIY Dangers

Is my house contaminated with meth?

 Meth Testing and Meth Cleanup: DIY Dangers
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The stress of COVID-19 shutdowns and distancing put a significant strain not only on businesses, paychecks and careers, but on the mental and emotional health of many people worldwide.

The drug testing company Millennium Health reported that the use of methamphetamine and fentanyl increased significantly after the COVID-19 pandemic hit the U.S. in March 2020. The adjusted positivity rate of urine drug screens was up 29% for methamphetamine during the first 9 months of the pandemic compared with the same period in 2019, according to the report.

29% rise in positive drug screens

That’s bad news, particularly if you are planning to buy, sell or rent a home or apartment. Utah law requires that sellers disclose if they know that the property is currently contaminated from the storage, production or use of methamphetamine. But without a proper meth test, they may not be aware of contamination that would require meth cleanup. And a buyer may get stuck with a significant health risk.

DIY Dangers: Incomplete Meth Testing Data

To answer the question, “Is my house contaminated with meth?” A seller or buyer may turn to testing kits sold online that you can set up yourself. The problem is, many of these tests don’t provide enough information for you to make a decision about whether your property is above the legal limit and requires meth remediation.

In Utah, the threshold is 1 part per million of meth to be considered legally contaminated. Most online or store-bought tests can only tell you if meth is present. They don’t have the sensitivity to detect the amount of contamination. This is crucial, as it will determine if your property is considered legally contaminated, and if so, how much meth remediation is required to bring it back below the legal limit.

Call the Experts

This is a situation where it pays to call the experts. A certified meth remediation company will conduct testing that reveals the extent of contamination, and can actually pinpoint the source and concentration of meth contamination by conducting multiple tests at different points in the property. This is important, as it allows them to focus their meth remediation efforts on those areas that require the most attention, and save the time and money of cleaning areas that are under the threshold.

More Economical Than You May Think

The best meth remediation companies provide professional, certified testing at very reasonable costs. Companies like RainFire Restoration offer meth testing packages that include multiple tests at discounted prices to ensure thorough and reliable results.

While it may be more than the online DIY test kit, the results will be certified and accurate, ensuring that you don’t run into costly legal or health issues down the road.

Additionally, if your property does require remediation, you will have the peace of mind of knowing you are working with a certified professional company that will make things right. It’s important to note that in Utah, remediation may only be completed by companies certified by the state. Check your company’s credentials before starting a cleanup project with them.

Peace of Mind

COVID-19 has been enough stress for most of us. Don’t add to it by skimping on DIY meth testing kits that will only get you partway to a meth-free solution for your home or property.